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Development of high power quantum well lasers at RRCAT

  title={Development of high power quantum well lasers at RRCAT},
  author={Tarun K. Sharma and Tapas Ganguli and Vijay Kumar Dixit and S. D. Singh and Suparna Pal and S. Porwal and Ravi Kumar and Alexander Khakha and Ravindra Jangir and Vipul Kheraj and Purnima Rawat and Ashish Kumar Nath},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
We at RRCAT have recently developed high power laser diodes in the wavelength range of 740 to 1000 nm. A typical semiconductor laser structure is consisted of about 10 epilayers with different composition, thickness and doping values. For example, a laser diode operating at 0.8 micron has either GaAs or GaAsP quantum well as an active layer. The quantum well is sandwiched between AlGaAs wider bandgap waveguide and cladding layers. The complete laser structure is grown by metal organic vapour… 

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