Development of embryo and endosperm inEragrostis unioloides (Poaceae)

  title={Development of embryo and endosperm inEragrostis unioloides (Poaceae)},
  author={Pallav Kaushik Deshpande},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
  • P. K. Deshpande
  • Published 1 December 1976
  • Biology
  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
The embryo development conforms to the Asterad type or Megarchetype II. A single cotyledon called scutellum is derived from the entire tierl. The shoot apex, lateral in position, and the coleoptile, originate from the tierl′. The remaining parts of the mature embryo are derived from the tiers situated belowl′. The short suspensor takes its origin from the lowermost tierp. The endospermab initio is free nuclear in development. It becomes cellular first around the proembryo. Physiologically, the… Expand
The Development of Endosperm in Grasses1
The grass seed or caryopsis originates from a monocarpellary ovary with a single ovule and contains the main storage tissue, the endosperm, which determines the value of the crop. Expand
Embryo and endosperm development in Billbergia nutans H. Wendl. ex Regel (Bromelioideae - Bromeliaceae) and its implications for the embryonomy of Bromeliaceae
This study analyzes the embryogeny and endospermogenesis of Billbergia nutans and proposes a new variation for this type of Bromeliaceae, which can be contradictorily applied to other species of the family. Expand
Relationship of the lateral embryo (in grasses) to other monocot embryos: a status up-grade
Abstract Martin placed the lateral embryo, which occurs only in grasses, adjacent to the broad embryo at the base of his family tree of seed phylogeny. Since Poales and Poaceae are derived monocots,Expand
Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Transcriptome Profiles of Soybean (Glycine max) Tissues during Early Seed Development
This work analyzed a genome-wide transcriptome dataset from embryo, endosperm, endothelium, epidermis, hilum, outer and inner integument and suspensor at the global, heart and cotyledon stages of soybean seed development to provide an important resource for describing the structure and function of individual soy bean seed compartments during early seed development. Expand


Morphology of Angiosperms
DURING the last decade or so the aspects of vegetable morphology have undergone an astonishing change, one indeed almost approaching the nature of a revolution. Many of the controversies of twentyExpand
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Einleitung. Fur die uberwiegende Anzahl der bisher untersuchten Monokotylen Embryonen ist die terminale Stellung des Keimblatts bei seitlicher Anlegung des Sprosvegetationspunktes aus dem mittlerenExpand
On the endosperm nucleus and its role in the filling and ripening of the grain of cereals
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