Development of dilution refrigerators—A review

  title={Development of dilution refrigerators—A review},
  author={H. Zu and Weina Dai and A.T.A.M. de Waele},


A Brief Review of Dilution Refrigerator Development for Space Applications
The open-cycle dilution refrigerator (OCDR) has been successfully applied on the Planck mission because it doesn’t need a magnetic field and can continuously provide cooling power. However, the short
Pre-cooling a 3He/4He dilutor module with a sealed closed-cycle continuous cooler
A continuous closed cycle cooler to operate at a base temperature below 300 mK has been successfully designed and tested by Chase Research Cryogenics in collaboration with Cardiff University
Heat Transfer between Fine Copper Powders and Dilute 3He in Superfluid 4He
The use of high-surface-area materials in dilution refrigerators has prompted several studies of the thermal resistance between such materials and dilute or concentrated 3He in 4He. Roubeau et al. t
Recent Advances in Dilution Refrigeration
Since the experiments of Das et al. 1 , the technique of reaching low temperatures by diluting 3He in 4He has been improved with regard to cooling power, temperature range,3,4 and reliability.
Continuously Operating 4He Evaporation Refrigerator
A simple and compact device was developed to provide continuous, self‐regulating refrigeration at approximately 1.3 K. The temperature of the device remains nearly constant, independent of external