Development of diamond-like-carbon coated abaca-reinforced polyester composites for hydrophobic and outdoor structural applications

  title={Development of diamond-like-carbon coated abaca-reinforced polyester composites for hydrophobic and outdoor structural applications},
  author={Abdul Wasy Zia and Atta ur Rehman Shah and Seunghun Lee and Jung‐il Song},
  journal={Polymer Bulletin},
This study presents the development of abaca fabric-reinforced polyester composites for outdoor applications having hydrophobic surface quality and enhanced mechanical properties. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings of 20–135 nm was deposited without interlayer, directly on 2.5-mm thick abaca/polyester composites using filtered cathode vacuum arc system. Before film deposition, the substrate plasma etching was performed for better film adhesion. Microstructural studies include Raman Spectroscopy… 
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