Development of chronic renal failure in adult pure mesangial glomerulonephritis.


Mesangial glomerulonephritis is uncommon histopathological pattern as a part of primary glomerular diseases. 64 (6.6%) patients of 968 non-transplant renal biopsies done at our department presented pure mesangial glomerulonephritis, without evidence of IgA nephropathy or systemic disorders. 22/64 (34.7%) of the patients presented with nephrotic syndrome, 12 were male, 10 female, aged 33.32 +/- 3.14. All of them were treated with steroids, 3/22 revealed complete remission, 4/22 partial remission and 6/22 did not respond to steroids, and later combined therapy with cyclophosphamide and cyclosporine. They developed end-stage renal failure within 4-8 years. 42/64 (65.3%) patients, 26 male, 16 female, aged 32.29 +/- 1.74 presented with erythruria and non-nephrotic proteinuria. Because of the absence of nephrotic syndrome only anti-hypertensive treatment was performed in this group of patients if necessary. One patient died because of hypertension complication (intracranial hemorrhage), two developed end-stage renal failure follow-up of 12 and 6 years.

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