Development of chemical exchange saturation transfer at 7 T.

  title={Development of chemical exchange saturation transfer at 7 T.},
  author={Adrienne N. Dula and Elizabeth M Asche and Bennett A. Landman and Edward Brian Welch and Siddharama Pawate and Subramaniam Sriram and John C. Gore and Seth A. Smith},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={66 3},
Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI is a molecular imaging method that has previously been successful at reporting variations in tissue protein and glycogen contents and pH. We have implemented amide proton transfer (APT), a specific form of chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging, at high field (7 T) and used it to study healthy human subjects and patients with multiple sclerosis. The effects of static field inhomogeneities were mitigated using a water saturation shift… CONTINUE READING

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