Development of bovine embryos in single in vitro production (sIVP) systems.

  title={Development of bovine embryos in single in vitro production (sIVP) systems.},
  author={L J Hagemann and L L Weilert and Sam Beaumont and H Robin Tervit},
  journal={Molecular reproduction and development},
  volume={51 2},
Single in vitro production (sIVP) of embryos enables the study of developmental parameters of individual oocytes or embryos. Because several previously published sIVP systems showed varying levels of success, we attempted to design a simple, semidefined sIVP system that resulted in developmental rates similar to those obtained through group production (gIVP). In a 5 x 3 x 4 factorial experiment, 4200 oocytes were randomly assigned to combinations of various maturation (sIVM), fertilization… CONTINUE READING

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