Development of antivirals against influenza.


Morbidity and mortality due to influenza virus infections remain a major problem throughout the world. Yearly, medical costs and loss of productivity resulting from influenza infection are estimated to be in the range of 12 dollars bn in the USA. The predicted increases in the elderly and immune-deficient populations will make influenza an even greater threat in the future. Despite the availability of vaccines, they have been least effective in these high-risk populations. Coupled with the requirement for routine revaccination, the need for effective antiviral agents is illustrated. The currently approved drugs, amantadine, rimantadine and ribavirin (in some countries), have limitations. They are only inhibitory against influenza A viruses, are prone to adverse reactions and quickly give rise to resistant virus. This review examines current drug therapies, antivirals in development and possible future opportunities for anti-influenza drugs.


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