Development of an intelligent decision support system for an hierarchical business organization


Decision support systems such as expert system and cognitive computing system are primarily used to aid users in taking intelligent decisions. In this work, we have developed an algorithm to help a user take an employee related decision based upon employee information stored in the database. Our model envisages a usage wherein a user in the upper echelons of an organization needs to take an employee related decision which can be either specific to a single employee or generic to employees working under him. The user selects a question for which he needs a decision, regarding a particular employee, from the system. The system finds out the weight of each parameter which influences this decision, from the database records. If weights are not pre-assigned the system calculates the weights by analyzing the trend in parameter changes and then finds out the weights of the parameters. Finally the weights are assigned to the parameter equation and the final resultant decision is provided to the user along with the chain of reasoning as to how the system arrived at that particular solution. In the case of employee independent decisions, the system finds out the parameters and their weights and arranges the employees in descending order of the resultant decision parameter values, from which, the user might choose the top `n' employees. This has huge applications in banking sectors or in business organizations, aiding managers and supervisors in employee appraisals or forming a team for a particular task. The results shown in this paper illustrate how the algorithm is implemented.

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