Development of an environmental functional gene microarray for soil microbial communities.

  title={Development of an environmental functional gene microarray for soil microbial communities.},
  author={Ken C McGrath and Rhiannon Mondav and Regina Sintrajaya and Bill Slattery and Susanne Schmidt and Peer M Schenk},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={76 21},
Functional attributes of microbial communities are difficult to study, and most current techniques rely on DNA- and rRNA-based profiling of taxa and genes, including microarrays containing sequences of known microorganisms. To quantify gene expression in environmental samples in a culture-independent manner, we constructed an environmental functional gene microarray (E-FGA) consisting of 13,056 mRNA-enriched anonymous microbial clones from diverse microbial communities to profile microbial gene… CONTINUE READING
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