Development of an axial gap motor with amorphous metal cores

  title={Development of an axial gap motor with amorphous metal cores},
  author={Zhuonan Wang and Yuji Enomoto and Masateru Ito and Ryosuke Masaki and Shuta Morinaga and Hiromitsu Itabashi and S. Tanigawa},
  journal={2009 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems},
This paper presents a noble motor design concept that utilizes amorphous cut cores in the stator to obtain a high efficiency motor. This motor employs 6-pole, 9-slot axial gap construction and aims to provide high efficiency with small size and low cogging torque for fan motor applications. Amorphous cut cores are applied to the stator to decrease iron loss and save motor space. The magnets with distinct shapes are employed to decrease cogging torque. 3D finite element analysis was used to… CONTINUE READING

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