Development of an adherence/competence rating scale for individual drug counseling.


This paper reports on the development of a 43 item rating scale that assesses therapist adherence and competence in individual drug counseling (IDC) for the treatment of cocaine dependence. Three independent judges rated 41 audiotaped IDC sessions from the pilot/training phase of the NIDA collaborative cocaine study. Judges also rated 11 tapes of Cognitive sessions and ten tapes of Supportive Expressive psychodynamic sessions. Interjudge reliability for the total scale score and subscales ranged from 0.55 to 0.89 and internal consistency coefficients ranged from 0.43 to 0.95. Ratings indicated that IDC counselors used IDC techniques more frequently and competently than did therapists from other modalities.


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@article{Barber1996DevelopmentOA, title={Development of an adherence/competence rating scale for individual drug counseling.}, author={Jacques P Barber and Delinda E Mercer and Ilana D Krakauer and Nuria Calvo}, journal={Drug and alcohol dependence}, year={1996}, volume={43 3}, pages={125-32} }