Development of an Implicit Method for Multi-fluid Flow Simulations

  title={Development of an Implicit Method for Multi-fluid Flow Simulations},
  author={Robert F. Kunz and William Kevin Cope and Sankaran Venkateswaran},
  journal={Journal of Computational Physics},
A fully coupled implicit method has been developed for solving the viscous full multi-fluid equations, which incorporate transport and generation of mass and momentum for each component present in a system. This work presents stability analysis and representative computational results of this algorithm. The stability analyses demonstrate the performance of several iterative schemes applied to the solution of the linearized block system which arises in the fully implicit formulation. These… 

An Unstructured Two-Fluid Method Based on the Coupled Phasic Exchange Algorithm

In this paper, details of the CFD formulation and physical modeling are first summarized, with emphasis placed on multi-phase, unstructured and parallel processing elements.

On the Roles of Implicitness , Realizability , Boundary Conditions and Artificial Dissipation in Multidimensional Two-Fluid Simulations with Interfacial Forces

Abstract The authors’ recent research and experience related to several numerical aspects of multi-dimensional full-two-fluid modeling is summarized, with emphasis on formulation elements associated

2 Direct numerical simulations of finite Reynolds

  • Physics
  • 2013
In this chapter and the following three, we discuss numerical methods that have been used for direct numerical simulations of multiphase flow. Although direct numerical simulations, or DNS, mean

A Robust Multi-Grid Pressure-Based Algorithm for MultiPhase Flow at All Speeds

This paper reports on the implementation and testing, within a full non-linear multi-grid environment, of a new pressure-based algorithm for the prediction of multiphase flow at all speeds. The

A robust multi‐grid pressure‐based algorithm for multi‐fluid flow at all speeds

This paper reports on the implementation and testing, within a full non‐linear multi‐grid environment, of a new pressure‐based algorithm for the prediction of multi‐fluid flow at all speeds. The

Modeling Acoustic Cavitation Using a Pressure-Based Algorithm for Polytropic Fluids

A fully coupled pressure-based algorithm and finite-volume framework for the simulation of the acoustic cavitation of bubbles in polytropic gas-liquid systems is proposed. The algorithm is based on a

Numerical modelling of shock-bubble interactions using a pressure-based algorithm without Riemann solvers

The interaction of a shock wave with a bubble features in many engineering and emerging technological applications, and has been used widely to test new numerical methods for compressible interfacial



The application of preconditioning in viscous flows

A time-derivative preconditioning algorithm that is effective over a wide range of flow conditions from inviscid to very diffusive flows and from low speed to supersonic flows has been developed and convergence rates are shown to be accelerated by as much as two orders of magnitudes.

Boiling heat transfer : modern developments and advances

Elements of Two-Phase Flow (O.C. Jones). Flow patterns and regimes. Mixture models. Analytical Modelling of Multiphase Flows (D.A. Drew). Multiphase continuum balance equations. Ensemble averaging.

Thermo-fluid Dynamic Theory of Two-Phase Flow

M Ishii Paris: Eyrolles 1975 pp xxix + 248 price 83F (paperback) This book sets up the rigorous theoretical foundations for describing such diverse two phase flow probems as are associated with

Numerical Study of the Turbulent Flow Past an Airfoil with Trailing Edge Separation

Presentation d'une methode numerique par volume fini pour la resolution des equations de Navier-Stokes bidimensionnelles, incompressibles, et stationnaires, en coordonnees generales curvilignes.