Development of a whole-body elastic humanoid "Baneoid"

  title={Development of a whole-body elastic humanoid "Baneoid"},
  author={Ikuo Mizuuchi and Takatoshi Hondo and Tatsuya Ito and Tomas Kozak and Tadashi Asaoka and Yuya Tsuneoka and Shohei Ogata and Natsumi Yamamoto},
  journal={2015 IEEE-RAS 15th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids)},
We have developed a whole-body elastic humanoid named "Baneoid," which has seventeen joints including thirteen series elastic joints. This paper presents the aims of the humanoid, describes the design concept, and shows a preliminary experiment of it. Mechanical energy of a humanoid robot consisting of series elastic actuators [1] is the sum of potential energy of each elastic element, gravitational potential energy of each link, and translational and rotational kinetic energy of each link. The… CONTINUE READING