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Development of a virtual campus on Second Life: A case study of NCU wonderland

  title={Development of a virtual campus on Second Life: A case study of NCU wonderland},
  author={I. T. Hsiao and Irene Li and Y. Lan and Jeff J. S. Huang and Stephen J. H. Yang},
A systematic review of Virtual Reality in education
A systematic review of the use of virtual reality in education, as well as two distinct thematic analyses that indicate that the majority of researchers use virtual reality to increase the intrinsic motivation of students, and refer to a narrow range of factors such as constructivist pedagogy, collaboration, and gamification in the design of their experiences. Expand
Gender Diversity in Computing and Immersive Games for Computer Programming Education: A Review
A review of the current state of the gender gap in computer science and how immersive games can mitigate this issue is provided and suggestions to aid in the development of immersive games to increase female participation in the field of computer science are highlighted. Expand