Development of a video-rate stereo machine

  title={Development of a video-rate stereo machine},
  author={Takeo Kanade and Hiroshi Kano and Shigeru Kimura and Atsushi Yoshida and Kazuo Oda},
A video-rate stereo machine has been developed at CMU with the capability of generating a dense range map, aligned with an intensity image, at the video rate. The target performance of the CMU video-rate stereo machine is: 1) multi image input of 6 cameras; 2) high throughput of 30 million point×disparity measurement per second; 3) high frame rate of 30 frame/sec; 4) a dense depth map of 256 × 240 pixels; 5) disparity search range of up to 60 pixels; 6) high precision of up to 7 bits (with… CONTINUE READING
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