Development of a three-year-old child FE model.

  title={Development of a three-year-old child FE model.},
  author={Koji Mizuno and Kazuya Iwata and Takashi Deguchi and Takashi Ikami and Masami Kubota},
  journal={Traffic injury prevention},
  volume={6 4},
OBJECTIVE Child crash dummies are conventionally used for safety performance evaluations of the child restraint system (CRS) in vehicle crash tests. To investigate injuries to various body regions of a child in detail, mathematical models are useful, and provide information that cannot be analyzed by crash dummies. Therefore, in the present research, a finite element (FE) model of a 3-year-old child has been developed by model-based scaling from the AM50 human FE model, THUMS (Total HUman body… CONTINUE READING
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