Development of a simulated smart pump interface.


Medical device user interfaces are increasingly complex, resulting in a need for evaluation in clinicallyaccurate settings. Simulation of these interfaces can allow for evaluation, training, and use for research without the risk of harming patients and with a significant cost reduction over using the actual medical devices. This pilot project was phase 1 of a study to define and evaluate a methodology for development of simulated medical device interface technology to be used for education, device development, and research. Digital video and audio recordings of interface interactions were analyzed to develop a model of a smart intravenous medication infusion pump user interface. This model was used to program a high-fidelity simulated smart intravenous medication infusion pump user interface on an inexpensive netbook platform.

DOI: 10.1097/CIN.0000000000000016

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@article{Elias2014DevelopmentOA, title={Development of a simulated smart pump interface.}, author={Beth Elias and Jacqueline A. Moss and Alan Shih and Marcus Dillavou}, journal={Computers, informatics, nursing : CIN}, year={2014}, volume={32 1}, pages={21-7; quiz 28-9} }