Development of a recombinant ureolytic Lactococcus lactis for urea removal.

  title={Development of a recombinant ureolytic Lactococcus lactis for urea removal.},
  author={Suai Zhang and Dongxia Li and Kai Tian and Yu Bai and Hongkai Zhang and Cunjiang Song and M. Qiao and Deling Kong and Yaoting Yu},
  journal={Artificial cells, blood substitutes, and immobilization biotechnology},
  volume={37 6},
Kidney failure is a common disease with high frequency. Food-grade recombinant bacteria that can effectively remove urea has great potential for treatment of renal failure. A nonpathogenic strain, L. lactis MG1363, was transformed with plasmid pMG36eure, which carries urease gene. The expression of transgene urease in genetically modified L. lactis MG1363 and the urease activity in removal of urea were investigated. It was found that the removal of urea by recombinant L. lactis MG1363 was pH… CONTINUE READING