Development of a quality ranking model for home health care providers.


This research aims to increase transparency and simplify consumer decision-making regarding the selection of a home health care provider. Currently, quality information on home health care providers is fragmented and difficult to interpret. In this study, a quality-ranking model is developed by selecting multidimensional quality indicators across multiple sources and respective weights using expert judgment. Given the weights and providers' performance on each quality indicator, a composite score is calculated that summarizes a home health care provider's overall quality level. This quality information empowers consumers to narrow their search and select the best-performing, most efficient providers.

DOI: 10.1080/07359683.2013.814503

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@article{Gressel2013DevelopmentOA, title={Development of a quality ranking model for home health care providers.}, author={Justin W Gressel}, journal={Health marketing quarterly}, year={2013}, volume={30 3}, pages={246-62} }