Development of a pre-clinical compton probe prototype for prostate imaging

  title={Development of a pre-clinical compton probe prototype for prostate imaging},
  author={G. Llos{\'a} and J. Bernab{\'e}u and D. Burdette and E. Chesi and V. Cindro and N. Clinthorne and Y. Dewaraja and K. Honscheid and S. Huh and H. Kagan and C. Lacasta and N. Malakhov and M. Mikuz and P. Modesto and W. Rogers and J. Steinberg and A. Studen and P. Weilhammer and L. Zhang and D. Žontar},
  journal={IEEE Symposium Conference Record Nuclear Science 2004.},
A prostate probe based on the Compton imaging principle could outperform imaging devices currently employed in prostate imaging. Electronic collimation overcomes the resolution efficiency tradeoff imposed by mechanical collimators, and therefore Compton detectors may exhibit both high resolution and high counting efficiency under the appropriate conditions. Simulations predict better than 3 mm spatial resolution and about 10-3 efficiency for a system consisting of an endorectal prostate probe… Expand

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