[Development of a portable dynamic state ECG based on DSP].


The Portable dynamic state electrocardiogram collecting system is introduced by using TMS302VC5402, TLC320AD50C, liquid crystal display model, and so on. This dissertation describes the work principle of the system and uses the united algorithm based on wavelet to identify and locate the ECG characteristic waves. This system has as follows of advantages: big memory, low noise,high common mode rejection ratio, the low power consume,the long record time etc.

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@article{Song2009DevelopmentOA, title={[Development of a portable dynamic state ECG based on DSP].}, author={Li Song and Qing-jian Meng and Guang-Yu Zhang and Wei-fang Cao}, journal={Zhongguo yi liao qi xie za zhi = Chinese journal of medical instrumentation}, year={2009}, volume={33 6}, pages={395-7} }