Development of a pediatric neurocritical care service.

  title={Development of a pediatric neurocritical care service.},
  author={Michael J. Bell and Jessica L Carpenter and Alicia K. Au and Robert F. Keating and John S. Myseros and Amanda Yaun and Steven Weinstein},
  journal={Neurocritical care},
  volume={10 1},
OBJECTIVE To describe the development of a Pediatric Neurocritical Care (PNCCM) service; define the patient population that requires the service and describe important outcome parameters. METHODS An analysis of prospectively collected data from a database was performed in a tertiary-care, academic children's hospital. Critically ill children who received a PNCCM consult between April, 2006 and May 2007 were included in the analysis. Demographic data (including age, Pediatric Intensive Care… CONTINUE READING

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The majority ( 64.1% ) of PNCCM consults were admitted to the PICU with neurological diagnoses ( status epilepticus was the most common ) .
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