Development of a new water sterilization device with a 365 nm UV-LED

  title={Development of a new water sterilization device with a 365 nm UV-LED},
  author={Mirei Mori and A. Hamamoto and A. Takahashi and M. Nakano and N. Wakikawa and S. Tachibana and T. Ikehara and Y. Nakaya and M. Akutagawa and Y. Kinouchi},
  journal={Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing},
Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is an effective disinfection method. In sterilization equipment, a low-pressure mercury lamp emitting an effective germicidal UVC (254 nm) is used as the light source. However, the lamp, which contains mercury, must be disposed of at the end of its lifetime or following damage due to physical shock or vibration. We investigated the suitability of an ultraviolet light-emitting diode at an output wavelength of 365 nm (UVA-LED) as a sterilization device, comparing with… Expand
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