Development of a multi-channel power supply for silicon photomultipliers reading out inorganic scintillators

  title={Development of a multi-channel power supply for silicon photomultipliers reading out inorganic scintillators},
  author={Otari Javakhishvili and Irakli Keshelashvili and David Mchedlishvili and M V Gagoshidze and T. Hahnraths and Andro Kacharava and Z. V. Metreveli and Fabian Mueller and Thomas Sefzick and Dimitri ShergelaShvili and Helmut Soltner and Hans Stroeher},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},

A High Voltage Power Supply for Photomultiplier Tube Applications

  • M. ZareY. Karimi
  • Engineering
    2022 13th Power Electronics, Drive Systems, and Technologies Conference (PEDSTC)
  • 2022
This paper introduces a stabilized high precision high voltage power supply for photomultiplier tubes. The output voltage can be adjusted from zero to -3kV and the nominal output current is 5mA. Both

A new beam polarimeter at COSY to search for electric dipole moments of charged particles

A calorimetric polarimeter based on inorganic LYSO scintillators is described. It has been designed for use in a storage ring to search for electric dipole moments (EDM) of charged particles such as



Storage Ring to Search for Electric Dipole Moments of Charged Particles -- Feasibility Study

The proposed method exploits charged particles confined as a storage ring beam (proton, deuteron, possibly helium-3) to search for an intrinsic electric dipole moment (EDM) aligned along the particle

A new approach: LYSO based polarimetry for the EDM measurements

One of the fundamental questions of modern particle physics is the existence of finite electric dipole moments (EDM) of the hadrons. In case of charged particles, like protons and deuterons, the

LYSO modules for the JEDI polarimeter: production, laboratory tests and results of first measurements

  • D. Shergelashvili
  • Physics
    Proceedings of XVII International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets & Polarimetry — PoS(PSTP2017)
  • 2018
The JEDI collaboration aims to search for the electric dipole moment (EDM) for the protons and deuterons in the storage ring (srEDM). One of the main components of the srEDM experimental set-up is

Polarimetry - from basics to precision

In all experiments involving polarized beams or/and targets, the determination of the degree of polarization by asymmetry measurements is of prime importance. Over the years, so-called analyzing

Polarimetry concept based on heavy crystal hadron calorimeter

In the ongoing JEDI (Jülich Electric Dipole moment Investigations) project, the essential point will be to measure a tiny beam polarization change over an extended period of time. The particle

LYSO crystal testing for an EDM polarimeter

Four detector modules, built from three different LYSO crystals and two different types of light sensors (PMTs and SiPM arrays), have been tested with a deuteron beam from 100 MeV − 270 MeV at the

Muon counting using silicon photomultipliers in the AMIGA detector of the Pierre Auger observatory

AMIGA (Auger Muons and Infill for the Ground Array) is an upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory designed to extend its energy range of detection and to directly measure the muon content of the