Development of a memory trace for a complex sound in the human brain.

  title={Development of a memory trace for a complex sound in the human brain.},
  author={Risto N{\"a}{\"a}t{\"a}nen and Erich Schr{\"o}ger and Sirel Karakas and Mari Tervaniemi and Petri Paavilainen},
  volume={4 5},
The development of a memory trace for a complex, unfamiliar sound in the human brain was studied by repeatedly presenting reading subjects with this sound ('standard') which was occasionally replaced by a slightly different sound ('deviant'). Deviants did not elicit the mismatch negativity, an index of automatic change detection in auditory cortex, in the beginning but did later during the session. This result reflects a gradual 'sharpening' of sensory information encoded in the memory trace… CONTINUE READING
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