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Development of a fast simulator for GEM-based neutron detectors

  title={Development of a fast simulator for GEM-based neutron detectors},
  author={R. Felix dos Santos and M. G. Munhoz and Mauricio Moralles and L. A. Serra Filho and Marco Bregant and F. A. Souza Instituto de F'isica da Universidade de S Paulo and Brasil and Instituto de Pesquisas Energ'eticas e Nucleares},
. Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM)-based detectors using a layer of 10 B as a neutron converter is becoming popular for thermal neutron detection. A common strategy to simulate this kind of detector is based on two frameworks: Geant4 and Garfield++. The first one provides the simulation of the nuclear interaction between neutrons and the 10 B layer, while the second allows the simulation of the interaction of the reaction products with the detector gas leading to the ionization and excitation of the… 
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