Development of a constructed wetland water treatment system for selenium removal: use of mesocosms to evaluate design parameters.

  title={Development of a constructed wetland water treatment system for selenium removal: use of mesocosms to evaluate design parameters.},
  author={Jung-Chen Huang and Elodie Passeport and Norman Terry},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={46 21},
The Salton Sea in California is an important habitat for fish and waterfowl. Its ecosystem is threatened due to diminishing water supplies and increasing salinity. An alternative source of water to support species conservation habitat may be obtained from local rivers (e.g., Alamo or New Rivers), provided that a wetland treatment system can be developed to remove selenium (Se), fertilizer nutrients, and other contaminants. Here, we used mesocosms to evaluate a number of potential design options… CONTINUE READING

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