Development of a computer program classifying rat sleep stages.

  title={Development of a computer program classifying rat sleep stages.},
  author={N Itowi and Atsushi Yamatodani and Satoshi Kiyono and M. Hiraiwa and Hiroshi Wada},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience methods},
  volume={31 2},
We developed a simple and precise program for the on-line judgement of the sleep stages of four rats simultaneously for an unlimited period, using a commercially available general purpose signal processor (NEC-Sanei 7T17; 32-bit, 5 MHz, 4 Mbyte, 1 Mbyte 1 floppy disc drive). EEG and EMG were recorded with an 8-channel polygraph (NEC-Sanei, System 380) through electrodes chronically implanted into the brain. The signals were A/D converted every ms and integrated for 2760 ms after full-wave… CONTINUE READING