Development of a chicken 5 K microarray targeted towards immune function

  title={Development of a chicken 5 K microarray targeted towards immune function},
  author={Jacqueline A M Smith and David Speed and Paul M Hocking and Richard T. Talbot and Winfried G. J. Degen and Virgil E. J. C. Schijns and Elizabeth J Glass and David W. Burt},
  journal={BMC Genomics},
  pages={49 - 49}
The development of microarray resources for the chicken is an important step in being able to profile gene expression changes occurring in birds in response to different challenges and stimuli. The creation of an immune-related array is highly valuable in determining the host immune response in relation to infection with a wide variety of bacterial and viral diseases. Here we report the development of chicken immune-related cDNA libraries and the subsequent construction of a microarray… CONTINUE READING
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