Development of a biomolecular assay for postmortem diagnosis of Taenia saginata Cysticercosis.

  title={Development of a biomolecular assay for postmortem diagnosis of Taenia saginata Cysticercosis.},
  author={Francesco Chiesa and Alessandra Dalmasso and Alberto Bellio and Manuela Martinetti and Stefano Gili and Tiziana Civera},
  journal={Foodborne pathogens and disease},
  volume={7 10},
Bovine cysticercosis is caused by the larval stage of the human tapeworm Taenia saginata. According to European data on meat inspection, the prevalence ranges from 0.007% to 6.8%, but the real prevalence is considered to be at least 10 times higher. Laboratory confirmation of the etiological agent is based on gross, stereomicroscopic, and histological examination of submitted specimens. False identifications may occur, possibly because of death and degeneration of cysts, or because taeniid… CONTINUE READING


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