Development of a bilayered living skin construct for clinical applications.

  title={Development of a bilayered living skin construct for clinical applications.},
  author={Leon M. Wilkins and Susan R. Watson and S J Prosky and Susan F. Meunier and Nancy L Parenteau},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={43 8},
An in vitro construct of human skin (living skin equivalent, LSE) has been engineered using serially passaged human epidermal keratinocytes and human dermal fibroblasts with a matrix of type I collagen. Cells are obtained from neonatal foreskin. LSE is cast, cultured, and shipped in a single culture insert. The size and shape of the insert determines the size and shape of the LSE. The dermal matrix consists of dermal fibroblasts within a condensed collagen lattice. The overlying epidermis is… CONTINUE READING
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