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Development of a Small Signal Amplifier with Modeling of BJT-JFET Unit in Sziklai Pair Topology

  title={Development of a Small Signal Amplifier with Modeling of BJT-JFET Unit in Sziklai Pair Topology},
  author={S. Shukla and Geetika Srivastava and Pratima Soni and Ramesh Mishra},
As a novel approach, two different models of BJT-JFET unit in Sziklai pair topology is used to design Small signal amplifiers. First amplifier circuit provides 28.818 maximum voltage gain, 40.965 current gain, 1.4319MHz bandwidth with 0.87% THD and therefore may find wide applicability in various analog communication circuits. However the second amplifier circuit with 5.738 maximum voltage gain, 5.517 current gain, 13.418Hz bandwidth and 6.30% THD can be used to amplify fluctuations of low… Expand


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