Development of a Primary Human Co-Culture Model of Inflamed Airway Mucosa

  title={Development of a Primary Human Co-Culture Model of Inflamed Airway Mucosa},
  author={Lael M Yonker and Hongmei Mou and Kengyeh K. Chu and Michael A Pazos and Huimin Leung and Dongyao Cui and Jinhyeob Ryu and Rhianna M Hibbler and Alexander D. Eaton and Tim N. Ford and J R Camille Falck and T Bernard Kinane and Guillermo J. Tearney and Jayaraj Rajagopal and Bryan P Hurley},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Neutrophil breach of the mucosal surface is a common pathological consequence of infection. We present an advanced co-culture model to explore neutrophil transepithelial migration utilizing airway mucosal barriers differentiated from primary human airway basal cells and examined by advanced imaging. Human airway basal cells were differentiated and cultured at air-liquid interface (ALI) on the underside of 3 µm pore-sized transwells, compatible with the study of transmigrating neutrophils… CONTINUE READING
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