Development of a PVS2 droplet vitrification method for potato cryopreservation.

  title={Development of a PVS2 droplet vitrification method for potato cryopreservation.},
  author={Ana Panta and Bart Panis and Cecilia Ynouye and R Swennew and Willy M Roca},
  journal={Cryo letters},
  volume={35 3},
BACKGROUND CIP maintains the largest in vitro clonal potato collection in the world, comprising 4,013 landraces and 3,353 improved accessions. The in vitro technology is more efficient and secure than conservation in the field, allowing in vitro plantlets to be stored for approximately 2 years without sub-culture. This method however is not ideal for the long-term germplasm conservation because it is labor consuming, costly, and carries risks of losing accessions due to human error, such as… CONTINUE READING