Development of a Melting Tablet Containing Promethazine HCl Against Motion Sickness

  title={Development of a Melting Tablet Containing Promethazine HCl Against Motion Sickness},
  author={Rahul V. Haware and Pravin Digambar Chaudhari and Shreyansh Parakh and Annette Bauer-Brandl},
  journal={AAPS PharmSciTech},
The purpose of this study was to design a ‘Traveller Friendly Drug Delivery System’ for PM-HCl. Conventional promethazine (PM-HCl) tablets are bitter, need to be taken 1 h before symptoms and water is also needed. Taste-masked granules were produced with Eudragit® E100 by extrusion, and analyzed with FTIR, DSC, and XRD. Tablets formulated from granules by direct compression using Ac-Di-Sol, Polyplasdone®-XL, Primojel® and ion-exchanger Tulsion®339 and evaluated for mass uniformity, friability… CONTINUE READING


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