Development of a Lan System for Textile Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Today’s textile industrial complex is characterized by a multitude of conflicting demands: increased product flexibility, higher product quality and decreasing delivery times. To operate successfully in such a demanding and highly competitive global market, textile industry must deploy the state-of-the-art manufacturing and information management techniques. This paper outlines the construction of a LAN (Local Area Network) computer system, which is the base of a knowledge-based monitoring and management system, for a textile factory having the departments of weaving and dyeing. In the development of the network, hardware choices and programming methodologies; ISO 9000 standards, work in process tracking with barcode and the design of a future intelligent process management system that will effectively utilize the distributed databases in the enterprise are taken into consideration. The network software has a scaleable, 32-bit high-performance Client/Server structure running under Windows NT and Windows 95.

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