Development of a Flow Injection System for Differential Pulse Amperometry and Its Application for Diazepam Determination

  title={Development of a Flow Injection System for Differential Pulse Amperometry and Its Application for Diazepam Determination},
  author={Vesna Antunovi{\'c} and Slavna Te{\vs}anovi{\'c} and Danica S. Peru{\vs}kovi{\'c} and N. Stevanovi{\'c} and R. Bao{\vs}i{\'c} and S. Mandi{\'c} and A. Loli{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry},
This work presents the development of a flow injection system for differential pulse amperometry (DPA) for diazepam determination in the presence of oxygen. The thin flow cell consisted of the bare glassy carbon electrode, reference silver/silver chloride, and stainless steel as the auxiliary electrode. Electrochemical reduction of diazepam (DZP) was characterised by cyclic voltammetry. Azomethine reduction peak was used for DZP quantification. The detector response was linear in the range 20… Expand
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