Development of a Dynamic Cathode Ejector Model for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems

  title={Development of a Dynamic Cathode Ejector Model for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems},
  author={James D. Maclay and Jacob Brouwer and G Scott Samuelsen},
  journal={Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology},
Solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine (SOFC-GT) hybrid systems are attractive for future power generation with ultra-low criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. One of the challenges for SOFC-GT systems is to sufficiently pre-heat incoming air before it enters the fuel cell cathode. An ejector for cathode exhaust recirculation has the benefits of reliability, low maintenance, and cost compared to either recuperators or cathode recirculation blowers, which may be also be used for air pre… 
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