Development of a Controller Area Network Based Handheld Data Acquisition System for Identity Preservation

  title={Development of a Controller Area Network Based Handheld Data Acquisition System for Identity Preservation},
  author={Matthew J. Darr and Timothy S. Stombaugh and Jason K. Ward and Michael D. Montross},
The development of a diverse, modular and portable system to accurately measure and record field operations is required to effectively bring identity preservation of crops to all farms and farmers. A demonstration system has been built based on a worldwide standard communications protocol and was evaluated for its ability to efficiently measure a variety of field operations and management practices. The CAN Bus 2.0B communication protocol was used to record GPS location data, ground speed… 

Factors Influencing Farmer Adoption of Portable Computers for Site-Specific Management: A Case Study for Cotton Production

Personal digital assistants (PDA) and handheld global positioning systems (GPS) have become increasingly important in cotton production but little is known about their use. This research analyzed the

Automation: The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems

Technology is rapidly advancing in all areas of society, including agriculture. In both conventional and organic systems, there is a need to apply technology beyond our current approach to improve

Precision Planting and Crop Thinning

Characteristics of the precision planting systems of the future will change in three key areas, including (1) precision seed meters and methodologies that deliver and position seed within the furrow, (2) individual row stepper motor drives that index seed placement in accordance with distance traveled, and (3) seed metering capabilities that support seeding of multiple varieties/hybrids within one field.



CAN Specification, Version 2.0

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