Development of a 32‐in. slim CRT with 125° deflection

  title={Development of a 32‐in. slim CRT with 125° deflection},
  author={Kuedong Ha and Soon-Cheol Shin and Do-nyun Kim and Kue-Hong Lee and Jeong-Hoon Kim},
  journal={Journal of the Society for Information Display},
Abstract— Today, CRT markets are being threatened by flat‐panel displays (FPDs) even though the screen quality of the CRT is one of the best of existing display devices. The depth of CRTs is one of its most important design factors to maintain its dominant position in the display market. Thus, a 32‐in.‐wide deflection‐angle 125° CRT (tube length of 360 mm) has been developed, and mass production began in January 2005. Wide deflection requires more advanced design of the major parts and reliable… 
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TOPSIS-Based Multi-Objective Shape Optimization for a CRT Funnel

Key Words : TOPSIS(Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution), Multi-objective Shape Optimization(다중목적 형상최적설계), CRT Funnel(CRT 후면유리), Design of Experiments(실험계획법), Rational



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42.1: A New Electron Gun for a 32″ Super Wide Deflection Angle (120°) CRT

A new electron gun for a super wide deflection angle (SWDA) cathode ray tube (CRT) has been developed. For a SWDA the dynamic focus voltage is usually very high, lowering the dynamic focus voltage is

A new electron gun for a 32-in. super-wide deflection angle (120°) CRT,

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