Development of Space Launch Vehicles in India

  title={Development of Space Launch Vehicles in India},
  author={Rajaram Nagappa},
  pages={158 - 176}
  • R. Nagappa
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Engineering
  • Astropolitics
ABSTRACT The Indian space program is a spacefaring success story with demonstrated capability in the design and building of application and scientific satellites, and the means to launch them into desired orbits. The end-to-end mission planning and execution capability comes with a high emphasis on self-reliance. Sounding rockets and small satellite launch vehicles provided the initial experience base for India. This experience was consolidated and applied to realize larger satellite launch… 
Understanding India’s International Space Cooperation Endeavour: Evolution, Challenges and Accomplishments
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India has now emerged as a major space-faring nation with notable accomplishments in the launch vehicle, satellite, space application and space exploration domains in spite of beginning its space


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