Development of RFQ accelerator for the MMF linac

  title={Development of RFQ accelerator for the MMF linac},
  author={V. A. Andreev and S. K. Esin and I. M. Kapchinskij and D. A. Kashinskij and A. M. Kozodaev and A. Ya. Kolomiets and P. N. Ostroumov and A. M. Raskopin and N. V. Schachrai and R. M. Vengrov},
  journal={Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference},
  pages={3109-3110 vol.5}
The 750-keV radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerator section is under development. It will be installed upstream of the first drift tube cavity of the MMF linac instead of a two-gap buncher. Using the RFQ will allow decreasing the accelerating tube voltage to 400 kV and increasing pulse duration two times without pulsed transformer saturation. The RFQ section has a high capture efficiency (up to 67%), a length of 1.3 m, and beam bunching without a longitudinal halo.<<ETX>>