Development of Oral Rehabilitation Robot for Massage Therapy

  title={Development of Oral Rehabilitation Robot for Massage Therapy},
  author={Hideyuki Koga and Yuichi Usuda and M. Matsuno and Yu. Ogura and Hiroyuki Ishii and Jorge Solis and Atsuo Takanishi and Akihiro Katsumata},
  journal={2007 6th International Special Topic Conference on Information Technology Applications in Biomedicine},
It is well known that the massage therapy is useful for the rehabilitation of various diseases. Although various apparatus have been developed for the massage of the torso and limbs, a machine to perform precise massage therapy to maxillofacial region is not developed yet. Therefore, we developed a robot system that provides massage therapy to maxillofacial region. The name of our newly developed robot was WAO-1. WAO-1 has been designed to perform appropriate massage to the patients with dry… CONTINUE READING
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