Development of Oral Morphine Rapid Test by Using Yolk Immunoglobulin


Avian antibody technology has been used in diagnosis and therapy. A”lab-on-a-chip” system for detecting morphine in an oral fluid sample was described. An antibody against morphine was obtained in an avian system. The immunogen (M-C6-HS-BSA) was injected into Leghorn chicken. Furthermore, this antibody could be used in developing an enzyme immunoassay and immunochromatography to detect morphine in a specific and sensitive manner. The reported rapid test was an optical immunoassay test for detection of morphine. Out of 50 specimens obtained from addicted persons showed positive results in a urine test following standard morphine detection protocols. All samples showed salivary morphine presence using the newly developed assay. A simple, rapid, and high yield procedure (40 mg/egg) was developed for IgY antimorphine. Oral morphine rapid tests in all samples were able to detect morphine 0to8 hours after the routine drug use. The sensitivity of present assay was found to be around 65 ng/mL, with a high correlation with the standard kit for the detection of morphine in urine. Oral morphine immunochromatography was a rapid test with a high positive predictive value. The kit provided a reliable method for detection of morphine where laboratory support and personnel were limited.

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