Development of Multi-fingered Hand for Life-size Humanoid Robots


This paper presents a development of multi-fingered hand, which is modularized and can be attached to life-size humanoid robots. The developed hand has four fingers with 17 joints, which consist of 13 active joints and 4 linked joints. A miniaturized 6-axes force sensor is newly developed and is mounted on each fingertip for improving the manipulability. A main node controller with I/O, motor drivers, and amplifiers for 6-axes force sensors are also newly developed. These components are equipped in the hand for modularization. The developed hand is designed so as to realize about 8 [N] forces on the pad point of stretched finger, supposing transmission efficiency of drive system is 55 [%]. In this paper, the mechanisms of hand module, its specifications, and electrical system are also introduced.

DOI: 10.1109/ROBOT.2007.363102

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