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Development of Millimeter-Wave Radio-over-Fiber Technology

  title={Development of Millimeter-Wave Radio-over-Fiber Technology},
  author={Yong and Zhang},
Millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber techno- logy demonstrates the potential for providing wireless broad-band service in the next generation wireless communication system. Optical generation of millimeter-wave signal is one of the most important technologies of millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber system. The virtues and shortcomings of some ways of optical generation of millimeter-wave signal are discussed. Then optical millimeter-wave signal transmission perfor- mance is described. Finally, an… 

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Prospects of CMOS technology for millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber applications

  • Yong ZhangT.T.Y. Wong
  • Physics
    2010 International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology
  • 2010
Millimeter-wave (mm-wave) Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) can be described as mm-wave wireless links in combination with large bandwidth fiber optic interconnections. CMOS technology demonstrated the

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This letter demonstrates a novel method to generate high-purity optical millimeter-wave signals with carrier suppression by using a frequency quadrupling technique. To the authors' knowledge, this is

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We designed and experimentally demonstrated an efficient photonic frequency-tripling technology for 60-GHz radio-over-fiber systems to simultaneously realize millimeter-wave (mm-wave), microwave, and

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