Development of MCs and its Applications in Industry [Industry Forum]

  title={Development of MCs and its Applications in Industry [Industry Forum]},
  author={Eiji Yamamoto and Hidenori Hara and Takahiro Uchino and Masahiro Kawaji and Tsuneo Kume and Jun Koo Kang and Hans-Peter Krug},
  journal={IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine},
An MC is a direct AC-AC converter that has benefits of high reliability, small size, and high efficiency over a conventional PWM converter-inverter system. This article introduced the Yaskawa MC product specifications, applications, and techniques that helped commercialization of a low-voltage and medium-voltage MC. The 9-114 kVA (200 V and 400 V classes) for a low voltage MC and 200-6,000 kVA (3.3 kV, 6.6 kV) for a medium-voltage MC have thus far been commercialized. Three typical applications… CONTINUE READING

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