Development of MAS based SCM model for automobile sectors


The auto sector companies actually face a lot of problems in SCM like efficient management and also a lot of co-ordination is required in between the departments. The human SCM system which exists in the auto sector companies is very much prone to commit errors and therefore leads to the mismanagement in the company's management system. To address this very problem of the auto sector companies herein is proposed the framework model called MAS-SCM<sup>AS</sup>. This MAS-SCM<sup>AS</sup> model consists of multi agents which perform the tasks to be carried out in the SCM. These multi agents are really effective as they are automated and are hence less prone to commit mistakes. The fractional mistakes which are caused by these multi agents are also the mistakes done at the human end i.e. programming mistakes (Bih-Ru Lea, 2003).

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