Development of Leisure Farms in Taiwan, and Perceptions of Visitors Thereto

  title={Development of Leisure Farms in Taiwan, and Perceptions of Visitors Thereto},
  author={Tzu-Ching Chang},
  journal={Journal of Travel \& Tourism Marketing},
  pages={19 - 40}
  • Tzu-Ching Chang
  • Published 20 November 2003
  • Economics
  • Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
Abstract In Taiwan the importance of agriculture is decreasing, compared to other industries. This change worsened in 2002 after Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Due to the increase in National Income and the implementation of the five-day workweek, the tourist population is growing. Beginning in 1989, the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan selected 31 rural areas in which to develop leisure farms for the purpose of creating and promoting agricultural tourism and to help sustain… 

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